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About the company:

We present a company managed by people with many years of experience in comprehensive servicing investors in the field of agricultural biogas plants and other investment projects based on renewable energy sources (RES).

We create strategies, business and technical concepts and implement solutions in line with the adopted legal regulations on the broadly defined energy market in Poland.

We implement effective and economical technology solutions. We solve even the most complicated issues by helping our clients in the preparation and exploitation of agricultural and industrial biogas plants under Polish conditions.

We have been active on the Polish market since 2003. We have been conducting specialized consulting services for our clients since 2010.

Please go through the details of our offer dedicated to RES, especially biogas market in Poland.

Mission and vision:

The mission of our company is to promote good practices in the development of agricultural biogas plants and other renewable energy installations in Poland. The basis of our operational activity is to manage the investment process in accordance with the best knowledge and taking into account our many years’ experience and proven solutions.

We tend to perfection in the quality of services provided, believing that it is the basis for creating an offer that you will use permanently in the investment or educational process on the Polish renewable energy market.


We provide our services in the area of Polish ​​renewable energy market. We specialize in the development of projects (all regions), including in particular:

  • Agricultural biogas plants;
Biogas plants utilizing refood processing and agricultural waste;
  • Agricultural biogas plants located on rural terns of small and high production capacity, including microinstallations;
  • Biogas plants from sewage sludge;
  • Photovoltaic PV installations, including microinstallations.

The experience of our team includes all stages of investment project lifetime:

  • Development phase (documentation);
  • Construction and commissioning;
  • Exploitation and operations

Regardless of conventional consultancy and advisory services, we go through the online store with the ready to purchase documentation products (especially guides with administrative and legal procedures for the development of renewable energy projects in Poland and proven tools for testing the profitability of investments in renewable energy sources financed with the auction subsidies.

In addition, we organize and conduct individual or group based trainings, lectures as well as thematic workshops addressed to private investors as well as local governments and other institutions involved in RES projects.

We do not sell equipment and technologies, but we advise on how to acquire RES techniques at optimal prices.

Our services are used, among others.

  • Businesses – independent investors;
  • Farmers and agricultural producers;
  • Agri-food and re-food entrepreneurs;
  • Local governments and institutions of local government administration;
  • Energy enterprises;
  • Independent domestic and foreign investors;
  • Government institutions and agencies;
  • Non-governmental organizations and business entities;
  • Universities and Scientific or Research Institutes;
  • Individuals, including prosumers;

Please go through details of our offer. You are invited for collaboration with us.


Our branch articles (in Polish).:

  • Biogas – Opportunities for Utilization in Energy and the Impact of Its Development on the National Economy.
  • The dynamics of solar PV costs – The circumstances for PV Development in Poland
  • Are Renewable Energy Sources a Direction for Cheapest Energy in the Future?

Selected references:

  • Please contact us, in order to obtain references related to our activities.