Auction results for new agricultural biogas plants up to 1 MW

The President of Energy Regulatory Office announced the results of the auctions conducted on November 14, 2018 for agricultural biogas plants with an installed capacity of up to 1 MW – so-called Auction “AZ / 11/2018”.

In this auction, 29 offers were qualified for support, and the average weighted price of all winning offers amounted to 555.18 PLN / MWh. The lowest reported price was 538.86 PLN / MWh, and the highest, qualified for support amounted to 569.69 PLN / MWh.

As a result of this auction, over 3,489 TWh of electricity worth over PLN 1.972 billion were sold, offered within 29 offers submitted by 23 generators. The energy volume results from the planned (declared) by the producer in the energy production auction in the full period of support operation (up to 15 years since the generation of electricity from agricultural biogas for the first time).

Agricultural biogas plants should realize within three years the following enterprises:


1. Agrigen Komorzewo Sp. z o.o.,

2. Agrigen Osów Sp. z o.o.,

3. Agrigen Rozwarzyn Sp. z o.o.,

4. Biogazownia Kamień Sp. z o.o.,

5. EKODAMIR Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

6. Energas Sp. z o.o.,

7. Gospodarstwo Rolne Partner S.C. Emil Derda, Paulina Derda,

8. iTen Sp. z o.o.,

9. PGB Energetyka 10 Sp. z o.o.,

10. PGB Energetyka 11 Sp. z o.o.,

11. PGB Energetyka 12 Sp. z o.o.,

12. PGB Energetyka 15 Sp. z o.o.,

13. PGB Energetyka 16 Sp. z o.o.,

14. PGB Energetyka 17 Sp. z o.o.,

15. PGB Energetyka 18 Sp. z o.o.,

16. PGB Energetyka 20 Sp. z o.o.,

17. PGB Energetyka 5 Sp. z o.o.,

18. PGB Energetyka 6 Sp. z o.o.,

19. PGB Energetyka 8 Sp. z o.o.,

20. PGB Energetyka 9 Sp. z o.o.,

21. PGB Inwestycje Sp. z o.o.,

22. Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe “Budmat” Spółka Jawna Tadeusz Rozmus Józef Małysz,

23. PW Energie Odnawialne Sp. z o.o.

We congratulate the winners and wish them all stability in the construction and operation process.