Reference prices for 2019 in the draft regulation

The draft regulation of the Council of Ministers (hosted by the Minister of Energy) regarding the maximum amount and value of electricity from renewable energy sources, which can be sold through auction in 2019, was presented for public consultation.

For agricultural biogas plants operating with cogeneration units meeting the high-performance criteria, it provides for higher reference prices:

  • PLN 730 / MWh for units with an electricity capacity of up to 1 MW
  • PLN 640 / MWh for units with an installed electric power of over 1 MW.

The draft Regulation, dated December 20, 2018, provides for the auctioning in 2019 for both agricultural biogas plant installations (in the system of certificates) and new biogas installations planned to be launched after the auction. In the first case, the available energy volumes are not large enough to exceed more than approximately 30% of existing biogas plants in the auction system. In the case of new installations, new entries should be expected for the biogas plant market, with a total capacity of approx. 160 MW, for the most part with a unit power of up to 1 MW (approx. 60%).