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Business concepts:

  • Development and operational strategies;
  • Analysis of the biogas market;
  • Supplying own energy needs from a biogas plant and from photovoltaic installations;
  • Establishment of energy clusters and cooperatives;
  • Concepts of biogas plant: cogeneration, injection into the gas network, compressed CNG biomethane;
  • Ways of locally heat management (technological processes, ORC, drying systems);
  • Development of digestate for fertilizing or energy purposes;
  • Business models of cooperation with suppliers of substrates;
  • Business models and financial analysis.

Selection of technology:

  • Selection of the size of the generating units,
  • Mass and energy balances for biogas plants;
  • Selection of equipment and technologies, including cogeneration and biogas purification systems, photovoltaic installations;
  • Qualitative analysis of substrates;
  • Recommendations of manufacturers, suppliers, contractors of equipment, technologies and works / services;
  • Preparation and negotiation of equipment / technology delivery conditions;
  • Preparation of budgets or investment cost estimates;
  • Tender documentation, SIWZ, organization of tenders;
  • Preparation of operational documents.

Project development:

  • Development from green field biogas and other RES projects
    • Selection of locations for renewable energy installations;
    • Financial analysis to assess the profitability of RES investments;
Contracts for the acquisition of a legal title to real estate for investments;
    • Comprehensive preparation of project documentation and maintenance of development projects;
    • Comprehensive coordination and supervision of the process of obtaining administrative decisions and permits (including EIA, local zoning plane, grid condition connection, building permits);
    • Feasibility studies, including the selection of technologies;
Construction project with arrangements.


  • Preparation for construction and construction
    • Financial for investments, EU subsidies;
Feasibility studies;
    • Financial models and analyzes for assessing profitability and for loan applications;
    • Tenders and tender documentation, including ToR, cost estimates;
    • Selection of suppliers and contractors;
    • Negotiating the terms of works / services / deliveries, contracts for deliveries and works;
    • Preparation of material and financial schedules;
    • Construction management, startup processes;


  • Putting into exploitation
    • Documentation and acceptance procedures;
    • Registration of the President of the KOWR (national support centre for agriculture) / Concession of the President of Energy Regulatory Office
    • Carrying out power-up starts, including arrangements with the DSO;
    • Health and safety documentation and HACCP of a biogas plant;
    • Procedures for obtaining organic fertilizer status for digestate;
    • Application for waste production and processing;


  • Exploitation
    • Administration and reporting;
    • Intermediation in the sale of energy;
    • Documentation related to the maintenance of objects;
Intermediation in substrate contracting;
    • Contracts for substrates;
    • Service contracts;
    • Optimization of operating costs;
    • Examination of substrates and post-fermentation mass;
    • Applications for green / blue certificates of origin, cogeneration or guarantees of origin, feed in premium, feed in tariffs for biogas, cogeneration premium;


  • Sale or purchase and evaluation of ready to build projects
    • Evaluation and valuation of ready RES development projects prepared by third parties;
    • Evaluation, valuation and brokering in the sale or purchase of biogas plant projects and other RES installations at any stage of development;
    • Valuation of existing renewable energy installations;
Intermediary in the sale or purchase of biogas plants and agricultural and other RES installations at the construction stage.

Financial analysis:

  • Financial models for assessing the profitability of investments;
  • Financial models for applications for co-financing;
  • Financial models for loan applications;
Biogas production calculator;
  • Detailed analysis of investment and operational costs of biogas plants under Polish conditions;
Detailed analysis of investment and operational costs of photovoltaic installations under Polish conditions;
  • Calculation of unitary public aid, grants;
  • High-efficiency cogeneration calculator;

Through the online store we also sell selected ready-made tools and financial models to study the profitability of investments in renewable energy sources with the participation of auction subsidies.

Legal support:

  • Procedures and project development processes,;
  • Support systems including certificates of origin (green, blue, yellow, red, purple, white), auction subsidies (feed-in-tariff, feed-in premium, cogeneration premium) and investment subsidies, grants;
  • Concessions for the generation, trading and distribution of electricity;
  • Registration of the agricultural biogas plants;
  • Consultations and interpretations of industry regulations, especially in the scope of the act on renewable energy sources and the Energy Law and executive acts;

Preparation for the auction:

  • Comprehensive project preparation for auctions;
  • Pre-qualification procedure before the auction;
  • Declarations and registrations of the entity planning to participate in the auction;
  • Calculation of maximum and individual public aid;
  • Preparation of the auction offer, including the volume of declared production levels and unit price;
  • Profitability assessment for a venture with an auction surcharge;
Evaluation and calculation of the potential penalty for failure to meet the declared level of production


Sales of ready guides :

In addition to conventional consultancy and advisory services, we sell, via the online store, selected ready project development guides and ready-made tools to test the profitability of investments in agricultural biogas plants and other renewable energy sources under specific design assumptions:

  • Profitability assessment;
  • Analyzes and calculators;
  • Project documentation;
  • Studies and guides;
  • Rights to ready to build projects

A detailed description of individual product tools compiled in the above categories can be found in the “Store shop”.

Training and study tour:

We organize specialist trainings, lectures or workshops, which include the following range:

  • Support systems for renewable energy sources: auctions, certificates of origin, certificates of origin from cogeneration, energy sales;
  • Development development;
  • The process of construction and commissioning of RES installations;
  • Exploitation of RES installations;
  • Technology review;
  • Workshops for the preparation of a feasibility study along with a financial analysis of RES investment projects;
  • Workshops and study visits on completed and operating RES installations.