The act on promoting energy from cogeneration

The legislator adopted the Act of December 14, 2018 on the promotion of electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration. The Act introduces a new support mechanism in the form of auction subsidies for existing and new installations generating energy in high-efficiency cogeneration.

  • It deletes the system of yellow, purple and red certificates for cogeneration, the validity of which ended anyway from 31/12/2018.
  • Introduces auction subsidies available as part of the pool separately established for individual installations, including RES installations. In the latter case, the implementation of the provisions took place through appropriate changes to the provisions of the current RES Act.
  • On January 7, 2019, the President signed the law,
  • Auctions for biogas plants will be announced as part of the auction for renewable energy installations (also existing installations),
  • when qualifying for auction subsidies (occurrence from the blue certificate system), only energy introduced into the network will be supported (and not so far also used for own technological needs).
  • reference prices for 2019 for agricultural biogas plants operating or planned to be built in the cogeneration support system are regulated with a reference price of:
  • 730 PLN / MWh (agricultural biogas installations up to 0.5 MW installed electricity)
  • PLN 680 / MWh (agricultural biogas plant installations over 0.5 MW installed electricity, but not more than 1 MW)
  • PLN 640 / MWh (agricultural biogas installations with installed capacity above 1 MW).