The Polish energy policy project until 2040.

The Ministry of Energy prepared the Polish Energy Policy project until 2040 and submitted it for public consultation. On the prepared form posted on the resort’s website, you can submit comments by 15 January.

The Policy project assumes an energy mix with the domination of the use of fossil fuels.

After 2030, the ministry forecasts in the power industry:

  • entry into the nuclear power plant system
  • successive increase in power using gas fuels
  • successive increase in photovoltaic power
  • successive increase in power in offshore wind farms
  • extinction of wind farms on land (*)
  • successive, but slow increase in installed capacity in biogas

* It is a big surprise to quench generation capacity in onshore wind farms – today the cheapest sources of electricity generation from renewable sources. It would seem that the connection in the system of wind, photovoltaic sources supported by gas-scattered sources, including biogas, will become permanent in the “landscape” of the national power system. In our opinion, it would be reasonable after amortizing these installations to replace them with new, modern wind sources allowing to optimize the potential of primary wind energy to a much greater extent.